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Dr Volker Framenau: Modernising Taxonomy Using Fauna Portal Australia

Spider researchers at Murdoch University’s Harry Butler Institute are modernising traditional methods for identifying and classifying invertebrates, making the process faster and more readily accessible, with a new online invertebrate identification platform – Fauna Portal Australia. Through this innovative taxonomic tool, leading experts like Dr. Volker Framenau and his team are bringing their passion to the forefront, expanding our knowledge of invertebrate fauna, and inspiring the next generation of taxonomists. Fauna Portal Australia is a unique way for experts, enthusiasts, and the general public to view, compare and identify invertebrate fauna. Specimen records submitted through the portal build a reliable database of identified invertebrate species.

Western Australian Colloquium of Arachnology

Murdoch University researchers are leading the way in arachnid taxonomy through their studies into spider taxonomy and phylogenetics, the development of practical tools such as the Fauna Portal and events including the Western Australian Colloquium of Arachnology. Arachnid experts, Dr Volker Framenau and Dr Pedro Castanheira, discuss this important and exciting field of research and give an insight to the first Colloquium held at Murdoch University in October 2023.