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Fauna Portal Partners

The Fauna Portal is currently managed by the Harry Butler Institute, Murdoch University.

We are actively looking for partners to develop this platform.

Specifally, we are looking for industry partners who have a long-term need to identify a diversity of invertebrates (for example in monitoring programs for short-range endemics, aquatic or subterranean fauna). We require further funds to develop the back-end of the Fauna Portal to include further taxomic groups.

We would like to collaborate with taxonomic experts as 'curators' of a taxonomic group. This contribution would include an assessment of new species and their inclusion in the Fauna Portal, advising on appropriate diagnostic images for species (i.e. genital preparation) and providing taxonomic and distribution contents for species.

And we are looking for members of the public who keep an eye out for new species. The Fauna Portal will be most successful if new species are brought to our attention for inclusion.