Milestone: The 500th species of spider was uploaded to the Fauna Portal today: Tetralycosa orariola!!

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We have now 500 species of spiders on the Fauna Portal and with that most Araneidae and Lycosidae with modern taxonomic treatments.

Just before Christmas 2022, we are celebrating a further milestone on the Fauna Portal, the upload of the 500th species of Australian spider. This is significant, as there are a total of just over 4,000 described species of spiders in Australia, so within only three months of its launch and about six months since seriously uploading species to the website, we already have more than a tenth of all Australian described spiders documented. This is in addition to about 200 non-spider invertebrates. If anybody is interested in helping to upload described species, please let the Fauna Portal team know. It is mainly harvesting papers for illustrations and diagnoses and preparing the image files and distribution data for upload. Obviously, species authors are required to grant permission for this!


The 500th species of spider on the Fauna Portal: Tetralycosa orariola!